Sales Opportunities

Ouk-rra-i-nah has just started. And it started small: Warren Metzler performs all the necessary administrative activities (assisted by his bookkeeper). So there are no full-time or part-time employee positions available at the home office.

However, Ouk-rra-i-nah needs sales persons to assist the company in building customer recognition. Typically an importer of alcoholic beverages only operates as an importer, and sells all his products to distilled spirits' distributors (who then sell the product to retail outlets). But when a product is unknown by American consumers, as is currently true with Zhitomir vodka products, few distributors are willing to carry that product. So Warren also obtained a distilled spirits distributor's license in California; and Ouk-rra-i-nah sells to retail establishments in the Los Angeles area.

In the Los Angeles area, Ouk-rra-i-nah contracts with each sales person as follows. You are considered to be an independent contractor; which means you pay your own taxes and receive no benefits, plus you choose what hours to work and pay all your own expenses. You are assigned a specific geographic region, and no one can sell this company's product in that area except you. Ouk-rra-i-nah delivers all the products you sell to retail establishments. You are paid twice a month. The commission rate is 20% of gross sales.

Any one who lives in, or near, Los Angeles, who is interested in being such a sales person, please contact Warren.

There is a person who lives in Northeastern New Jersey, who wishes to sell Ouk-rra-i-nah products in that area. Warren is now looking for a distributor in New Jersey who would stock the vodka in that state, so that person can sell and deliver these products.

It is possible this arrangement could be duplicated in any state. Hence if there is a person who lives anywhere in the US, who has tasted Presidential Standard or Harr-a-sho! and likes the taste, who is interested in selling these vodka products, please contact Warren.