Greetings from Ouk-rra-i-nah Trading Company, located in Los Angeles, California.

First we would like to tell you how we arrived at our name. Warren Metzler, the company founder, discovered Zhitomir distillery vodka products while traveling through the Ukraine in 2004. He founded the company to import certain of these products into the US. Once he had founded the company, he decided it needed a name; and he wanted a name that referred to the Ukraine.

There are two major languages spoken in the Ukraine: Ukrainian and Russian. However, every Ukrainian Warren met on his three trips to that country spoke Russian as their first language. So when Warren decided this company’s name should refer to the Ukraine, he just automatically assumed it should be a Russian sounding name. Ouk-rra-i-nah, if pronounced a certain way, is the country’s name as pronounced in Russian. Use the dashes to tell which are the syllables; and stress the "i" syllable, pronouncing it as an "e" (as in signal): ouk + rra + i + nah.

The company intends to eventually function as an importer of Ukrainian vodka, selling all its products to distilled spirits’ distributors throughout the United States. But here in the beginning stages, in the state of California, the company also operates as a distributor (selling to retail outlets). Any distributors interested in carrying these products are encouraged to contact Warren.

As Warren moved from initially discovering the products of Zhitomir State distillery in November, 2004 to importing his first container of that vodka into the US two years later, many unexpected events occurred. Warren considers them to be the ingredients of a fascinating tale, which he has written down and titled