Ouk-rra-i-nah Trading Company

Harr-a-ShoPresidential Vodka


Harr-a-sho!: a blend of vodka and capsicum pepper. This vodka blend has a spicy taste. Just add some tomato juice and you have a tasty Bloody Mary.

The initial ingredient is a pure spiritus —96.6% alcohol—, which is made from wheat or corn. That spiritus is thoroughly mixed with water to make the vodka you purchase (which is 40% alcohol); after which the vodka is filtered a number of times through both quartz (sand) and charcoal.

Next capsicum pepper is added, and all are thoroughly mixed until a complete blend is formed.

The bottling process is the final stage. Two pods of capsicum are added to each bottle before it is filled. (These pods are visible from outside the bottle).

Harr-a-sho! is available in the US in 750 ml bottles and 50 ml miniatures.

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